Statutory Duties of Employment Equity Manager

Statutory Duties

The Act does not specifically assign duties and tasks to the employment equity manager, and it is the employer who remains responsible for the implementation of the provisions of the Act, the employment equity manager will be entrusted with the following tasks:

Consult with employees on
The conduct of the workforce analysis referred to in section 19 The preparation and implementation of the EE plan referred to in section 20 and A report referred to in section 21

Analysis (Section 19)

Collect information and conduct an analysis, as prescribed, of its employment policies, practices, procedures and the working environment, in order to identify employment barriers which adversely affect people from designated groups, and profile the workforce within each occupational category and level in order to determine the degree of under representation of people from designated groups in various occupational categories and levels.

EE plan (Section 20)

Prepare and implement an EE plan which will achieve reasonable progress towards EE in that employers workforce. Determine the numerical goals to achieve the equitable representation of suitably qualified people from designated groups within which this is to be achieved, and the strategies intended to achieve those goals. Monitor and evaluate the implementation of the plan and whether reasonable progress is being made towards implementing EE.
The internal procedures to resolve any dispute about the interpretation or implementation of the plan.

Collaborate with and co-ordinate the activities of all persons in the workforce, including senior managers, responsible for all monitoring and implementing the plan.

Assist in the appointment of employees from designated groups

Report (section 21)

The first report will refer to the initial development of and consultation around an EE plan.  The subsequent reports will detail the progress made in implementing the EE plan.

Compile reports which must be submitted to the Director-General containing the prescribed information.

Publication of report (section 22)

Publish a summary of the report required by section 21 in that employers annual financial report.

Successive EE plans (section 23)

Before the end of the term of its current EE plan, prepare a subsequent EE plan.

Duty to inform (section 25)
Display in every workplace any Regulation, containing a standard notice, in all official languages, summarizing the provisions of the Act.
In each of its workplaces, place in prominent places that are accessible to all employees- The most recent report submitted by that employer to the Director-General; Any compliance order, arbitration award or order of the Labour Court Concerning the provisions of this Act in relation to that employer; and Any other document concerning this Act as may be prescribed. Make a copy of the plan available to its employees for copying and consultation.

Duty to keep records (section 26) Establish and, for the prescribed period, maintain records in respect of its workforce, its EE plan and any other records relevant to its compliance with this Act.

Income differentials (section 27) Submit a statement, as prescribed, to the EE Conditions Commission, on the remuneration and benefits received in each occupational category and level of that employers workforce.

Take measures to progressively reduce disproportionate income differentials subject to such guidance as may be given by the Minister.
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