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We at Perfect Styles are part of Perfect Group of Companies and in our division we deal with B-BBEE,Skills Development and Employment Equity for the workplace. We strive to assist clients in these fields and advise them on how to become compliant.

Skills Development
In regards to Skills Development we assist with appointing Training Facilitators, Constitution of training Committee, Compilation and submission of your workplace training plan, Submission of training reports and reclaiming your levies paid to the government.
Employment Equity
Perfect Styles assists clients on their behalf to submit the Employment Equity Report in terms of the relevant legislation.  Once this report is done this will help in the control of your employees performance more efficiently and measure their growth.

B-BBEE (Broad –Based Black Economic Empowerment

Perfect Styles assists its clients to improve the scorecard by complying with the seven elements as this helps to get you onto a better level.  Through a verification agency your company will go through an audit process and a Bee scorecard will be issued.
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