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Basic Human Resources

This is the preparation of employment contracts, conducting disciplinary hearings, counselling’s and consultations. Additional services are provided such as retrenchments, lay-offs, conducting of NBI Tests for new/current employees as well as profile tests for directors (Leadership Style). The NBI gives an indication of how you prefer to :
  • Learn and /or teach
  • Communicate with and relate to others
  • Make decisions and find solutions
  • Would manage in a certain career or business
  • Create your future.

Industrial Relations

Perfect Partners is a partner in business that provides a service to employers by ensuring that processes, policies and best practices are in place. Perfect Partners further assists you to ensure that your employees are delivering the highest possible work performance and value to the organisation.

Our clients are those who are great employers and treat their employees as assets of their business and value their performances.

Perfect Partners act in the best interests of our clients and handle our staff and union matters in a professional and fair manner. In doing so, we can enjoy our 85 % success rate in all our CCMA cases. This results in a co-operative environment, high work performance, increased productivity and the most important, profitability.

Our Consultants

Our IR services are provided by qualified and highly successful Industrial Relations Consultants. Perfect Partners further provides ongoing training to our clients on the latest developments in labour law and labour relations.

Available services

An Audit is to be done annually, where we outline our findings and recommendations of the actions to be taken. This Audit will ensure only the best decisions to be made and implemented in the best interest of the client.

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