Company Profile

  • HR/IR Business Member
  • Advanced Certificate in Labour Relations NWU
  • Ruben has 16 years experience in HR/IR
  • He has been a business owner in the Vaal Triangle for 10 years with a client base of around 400 clients in all industries
  • Ruben has outstanding management skills to provide the client with excellent service in the broad spectrum of Human Resources Management
  • HR/IR Business Member
  • B.Comm Behavioral Science NWU and Advanced Labour Relations NWU
  • Riaan Has 3 years experience in Industrial Relations as well as Human Resource Managment, compromising at service delivery in large variety at both Industrial and Commercial industries.
  • Riaan has excellent problem solving skills which allows him to provide in depth advice and assistance in all sectors at labour legislation resulting in sound dispute resolute to a wide variety at Industrial Sectors.
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We at Perfect Group of Companies pride ourselves on a history of service excellence. We are leaders in the field of Labour Relations and provide clients with customised Business Solutions.

We endeavour to be the perfect Human and Labour Relations partner who provides a modern approach in training and ensures all clients are effectively introduced to quality and safety systems and the latest in legislation and relevant governing acts.

Vision and Mission

To be the preferred Human and Labour Relations partner who provide a modern approach in training and ensure all clients receive the customer service that they deserve.

Company goals

  • To follow a holistic approach to address the demanding needs, small to medium size business enterprises have.
  • We distinguish ourselves by utilizing the latest Human and Labour Relations Law as well as the latest in legislation and relevant governing acts and provide accredited training.


  • Our service is customised to fulfil all requirements and needs as identified by every business owner or by our gap analysis to establish the exact needs.
  • The groups also ensure that all clients comply and understand the impact of legislation in each business and to develop sustainable quality systems, practices and procedures for the business.

Our approach

Step 1 :           Analyze Challenges for Compliance

Step 2 :           Implement Solutions

Step 3 :           Monitor & Evaluate Solutions

Industry and Market Opportunities

  • To fill the current lawfully required gaps. Perfect Group of Companies formed a consortium with specialists in the broad spectrum of Human Resources, Skills Development, Employment Equity, Black Economic Empowerment and The Consumer Protection Act as well as the maintenance and installations with all the necessary skills.

This Consortium enables to serve any enterprise in order to balance the pillars of their organisation to effectively maintain Disciplinary and Human Resources and Development.

Perfect Group of Companies is the perfect answer to all your Business Challenges, so please feel free to contact us for any further information.

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016 932 3378/9
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